Winter / snow tires, ("Three Peak Mountain  Snow Flake") symbol

The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ tire stops up to 10% shorter on ice than leading competitors, thanks to the combined performance of the Optimized Tread Block Technology, featuring the Cross Z Sipes™, Micro-Pumps, Block Edges and the FleX-Ice™ compound.

Designed with larger grooves and tread blocks to grip the road better and prevent sliding in snowy, icy or slushy conditions.

Tiny razor-like "sipes" or cuts in winter treads provide a good bite into ice and snow to help avoid sliding. Unidirectional, V-groove tires move slush and water out of the way.

Winter tires are tires designed for use on ice and snow, and lower temperatures in general. They can be an alternative to the use of snow chains.

Winter tires are usually tires with a different rubber

composition from all-weather (all-season) tires. Cold-weather tires include a greater percentage of softer rubber compounds. Winter tires have more sipes, increasing traction on snow and ice. mandatory on all vehicles from Dec 15 to March 15. Winter tires start  to perform better than summer or all-season tires if temperatures  fall below 7 °C (45 °F),

as the rubber compounds in the latter harden  resulting in decreasing grip even on dry pavement. North American  symbols for winter and snow tires. In the United States and Canada, a "3PMSF ("Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake")" symbol means that the tire has exceeded the industry requirement from a reference (non-snow) tire In the province of Quebec, Canada, winter tires are

DISCOVERER TRUE NORTH™ Fits Cars/ Minivans and SUVs/CUVs Winter. Ideal for  daily commuters who drive on plowed and  treated roads, and deal with slush and  black ice throughout the winter months. ™

RS-W 5.0 from Starfire is a tire specifically designed to offer great performances at a good price. Thanks to its unique tread design that combines performances on both snow and ice, the RS-W 5.0 from Starfire delivers outstanding performance and traction in harsh winter conditions and performs well on ice and snow.


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Fits SUVs/CUVs and Trucks/Pickups

Standard Limited Warranty

Severe Weather Rated


The Discoverer M+S™ is the winter tire

specifically designed for SUVs and

light truck vehicles.

*Pinned for studs -  *Severe weather rated * Extensive size coverage

X-Ice® Xi3   Winter TireWINTER TIRE
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